How I Made $10,000 By Not Working

Leaf-backgroundI’ve got to be honest with you.  I’m kind of tired of reading articles about ‘6 & 7 figure-this’ and ‘Do This to Make $10,000 a Week.’  But I did recently bring in $10,000 without working, and the title for this post came to me in a dream.  As an Intuitive Healer, Teacher & Writer, I don’t argue with my dreams!

So what did I do to bring in this money?  I think the REAL question is ‘What DIDN’T I do?‘  Let me explain:

Over a year ago, there was a mixup in some forms, and monthly payments my family were supposed to be getting stopped, cold turkey.

My husband and I spent probably 2-4 hours every month on the phone, trying to sort this out, for over a year.  We stressed over it, complained, get frustrated, vented to our friends..

We met the negligent responses about our money with negative reactions.

And one day, a few months ago, I had a change in heart.  I knew the money was owed to us, but I sent them a letter, explaining it all, and then released it.  Consciously.

I let it go.

I then looked at my personal finances.  I realized there were some areas where I was literally damming up our financial flow:

  • I’d been meaning to set up savings accounts with regular monthly deposits for our kids, but hadn’t gotten around to it.
  • I’d been wanting to give regular donations to a charity that I feel passionate about.  Hadn’t happened yet.
  • I’d been planning to invest our own retirement savings and get organized with it all.  Nothing yet.
  • I’d been wanting to gift some Intuitive Readings to clients as bonuses, and kept procrastinating.
  • I’d meant to take out a life insurance policy for my husband and myself, so we’d know if anything happened to us, the kids would be financially supported.

Money is energy, and energy wants to flow.

I’d been feeling a resistance to get organized and give things away in my finances and resources.  But it got to the point where it felt, on a subtle energy level, uncomfortable.  Like I was expecting the flow without the ebb.  I love the idea of money coming to me, but I always tended to look the other way when the topic of getting organized and responsible came up.

So I grew up.
It began with noticing the energetic feeling of ‘stuckness’ I had around money.

Within a month, I got around to doing all of the things listed above.

And within days of finishing the list, just over £6,500 (just under $10,000) was deposited into our account.  They had identified their mistake, and simply refunded our money (WITH A BIT EXTRA for the inconvenience!).

The only actions I took were those which took down my own blockade, and got me energetically aligned with what was ready to come in.  The money wanted to come, but didn’t have any channels to go to.  I set them up, and it sort of slid into place.

In other words, I STOPPED damming my own flow. I no longer was holding space for energy to sit, stuck and unable to find it’s path downstream.

So the title of this post is a bit of misnomer.  I DID work.  But I didn’t work ‘in my business.’  I did the ‘real’ work.  The spiritual, energy work that underlies everything we do and are.

This is the place which has always felt authentic to me.  The logistics of what goes on on the surface are just that – logistics.  Our real work is about tuning into our true frequency, and taking action to align ourselves with that.

It’s not always so obvious or clear.  In truth, it wasn’t to me either – not until AFTER the money came.  When I realized what had happened, I gave thanks, and sort of bonked my palm on my forehead like ‘oh THAT’S what was holding it back from coming!

But from this after-lens, it was so clear.  I felt the need to share it with you because it’s at the core of my current teaching:

Your Resistance is your Ally.  Find what it is that’s holding you back from what wants to flow in your life.  Identify your resistance, THEN turn it around, and use it to find your alignment.

It’s the exact formula I use in The Resistance Roadmap; The Conscious Woman’s Guide to the Sacred Art of Flow (relaunching in January).  And even though I teach it and live it, I still need to practice it (as seen above!) to stay in alignment.

From here, everything is possible.

What are YOU doing in your life to dam your Flow?  What actions could you take today to get aligned with what wants to come to you?  Share your answers in the comments below.


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