My ‘Pilgrimage’ Ended..Now What?

For those who have been with me (in spirit, reading, following, whatever) throughout my evolution of my business and my/our journey in the hospital with Rafi, you may have noticed something.

I was writing regularly for awhile, but lately, not so much.

And I know lots of folks can relate.  I used to think of it as the ‘gym phenomenon’ – you know, when you sign up for a new gym membership, go regularly, then your attendance just sort of..fades off.

I used to think writing was like this for me.  That I’d have the motivation, and it would..well..fade.

But I realized something yesterday.  It’s not about the fading momentum. It’s about what GAVE me that momentum in the first place.  It’s not about writing, it’s about WHY I’m writing.

When I was going through that whole intense, insane, life-altering experience with Rafi, I felt like (and I even said it in the blog) I was on a pilgrimage. 

Like when I walked the Camino de Santiago de Compostela in Spain.  One of the things I loved most about it was the clarity.  The definite-ness of waking up in the morning, and knowing EXACTLY what I had to do – lace up my boots, and take one step after another, until it was time to stop.

Clear.  Simple. As far from confusing as can be.

Writing about my ‘pilgrimage’ with Rafi was clear, simple and helped me to process and stay sane.  In itself, writing was the motivation.

And when we returned home, life was incredibly full.  The pilgrimage was by no means ‘over’, as landing home with no nurses and a sick baby is quite a journey in itself.  But we had created this perceived ‘End’ in our minds, as do all parents of babies in the NICU – H.O.M.E.

So that piece of blogging came to natural end.  It just faded, like all the best gym memberships..

But I had a couple of meaningful conversations in the last few days, which have helped me to see that life isn’t a series of pilgrimages, one after the other, based on the intensities that come our way. 

Life is one BIG pilgrimage, with many different chapters

And reframing it like this has given me total inspiration to start writing again.  This new chapter has a different focus, but it’s still part of the same journey of life.

So to all of you who have ever walked your own ‘Pilgrimage’ and felt a bit lost at the end of it, know this:

It’s not over, only your path leads elsewhere now.

Keep your hiking boots on, and be sure to still awaken, lace them up, and take one step at a time into your new chapter, whatever that may be.

Keep your eyes open for it.  Because there is ALWAYS another pilgrimage waiting for you.



My ‘Pilgrimage’ Ended..Now What? — 2 Comments

    • Thanks, Vanessa. Yes, sometimes WHY we write is only important to those of us doing the writing, but I thought it could possibly help those out there who have struggled (like me) to find their starting-off point (or trailhead, as I like to think of it).
      Thanks for reading – lovely to see you here! 🙂 xxx

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