The Resistance Roadmap;
The Conscious Woman's Guide to the Sacred Art of Flow

  • Have you noticed a pattern in your life of struggling, when you know down deep that things can (and should!) be easy and graceful?
  • Do you feel like a hamster, running in circles, and can’t find the way to step off the wheel?
  • Is there one area (or perhaps a few?) of your life where things just feel stuck – you know there has to be another way (one that lights you up)?
  • Do you KNOW that this is the year you finally allow yourself to live in freedom and tap into the stream of abundance that is waiting for you?

Congratulations! Your soul has just led you to the perfect place to finally obliterate this pattern and take your NEXT step!

In the next 7 weeks, this Ecourse will help you:

  • ​Learn the truth about what resistance really is, and the major role it's been playing in your life.
  • Gain a deep understanding of what your main resistance is, and what it’s been trying to tell you (hint: it’s not what you think).
  • Learn how to see it as a powerful ALLY, and work with it, instead of wasting energy struggling against it (ie The Sacred Art of Flow)
  • Recognize your unique patterns of resistance when they show up in ALL areas of your life
  • Discover the secret of what’s really been holding you back from leaping forward, and take solid steps to move through with grace, fun and ease

Warning: Only read on if you feel ready to finally take a step forward towards your true desires..

Already know you need this course?

Cindy Russell,

“Stacie specializes in tuning into what you need without putting her own spin on it. What I mean is the information is so pure and like it is coming straight from the other side."

What You Get in This 7 Week Ecourse

  • 5+ teaching videos (over 300 minutes of teaching) of brand new material
  • 5+ downloadable mp3 audio recordings of video content, so you can listen anywhere
  • 2 Supported Integration & Action Weeks, to assist you in fully embodying the work
  • Weekly printable worksheets for personal integration
  • Access to a private Facebook group for support from a powerful collective of conscious women (and direct connection with Stacie)
  • Printable Resistance Roadmap cheatsheet – to help you instantly recognize and move through your personal patterns of resistance
  • Weekly Exercises & Extras (to give you that A-level holding, insight & support)

The Resistance Roadmap Modules:


Module 1: Your Personal Story

Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

There’s no way to begin anything if you don’t have a starting point. This module is about looking at where you are in your life around your key issue, and getting clear where you want to be. It’s the foundation of the Resistance Roadmap because you need this piece clearly in place in order to find out what’s in the way. We’ll have some fun and some deep insight getting clear on what your personal story is and what your true desires are.

​In this module you will:

  • Get clear on which area is feeling most stuck in your life
  • Identify the root of this stuck feeling and how else it can be holding you back
  • Learn the secret of why most people never get past the first step in conquering resistance
  • Discover your personal story and how its patterns affect you on every level
  • Discover what your true desires are – the ones that go deeper than the surface
  • Understand why, once we get clear on this module, it's important to move on quickly

Coursework and Add-ons for this Section:

Your Life, Your Story - the Patterns and Beliefs that Dominate your Life & How to Shift Them to Work For You

(Bonus!) My personal intuitive guidance journal entry on how I changed my story (can be applied to everyone, in any situation)


Module 2:  Resistance!

What Stands In Your Way?

Now we’ve laid the foundation, we can look at what’s holding you back from getting to where you want to be. This module will teach you to identify your core resistance, and you will learn to get up close and personal with it in a way you never have before.

In this module you will:​

  • Understand the ONLY thing that ever stands between you and where you want to be
  • Learn why what you THINK is your resistance is only a symptom
  • Identify what your real resistance is (not what you thought it was and not your symptoms)
  • See your true resistance as a powerful ally, which you can work with to direct you right where you need to be
  • Discover where in your body your stuck energy lays, and what other symptoms may be showing up because of it
  • Open up a profound dialogue with your resistance and your inner wisdom, and discover how they can answer any questions your soul needs answered
  • Find out the gifts your blocks have to offer, and what they’ve been wanting to tell you all along

Coursework and Add-ons for this Section:

The Fear Meditation – What Do I Do When Terror Rears its Ugly Head? (mp3)


Module 3: Clear, Release and Heal

Letting Go What Does Not Serve

Once you’ve developed your relationship with your resistance, you can begin to explore what your life would look like without it. In the way that’s uniquely right for you, we’ll shift into release mode, and take concrete steps to release and let go of what’s no longer serving you in your life, including your resistance. This week can be powerful, intense, and life-changing. It’s about time you let it go!

In this module you will:​

  • Understand why we need some resistance in our lives, and which kind is the ‘good’ kind that you want to hold on to
  • Learn the 3 most effective ways to clear what you no longer need
  • Discover why there may be another layer of resistance underneath, that you weren’t aware of, and learn a simple technique to clear this
  • Tap into your natural intuitive and healing abilities and learn to use them for your, and others’ healing and growth
  • Awake from your trance and learn to discern between your egoic (false) and true selves
  • Undertake a ritual to release, heal and make way for your new level

Coursework and Add-ons for this Section:

Transmuting the energy of my resistance (mp3)

'My Story' Transformation Exercise


Module 4:  Alignment and Flow

Stepping Into Your Personal Power

To get to this point you’ve done some powerful and transformative work.  Here’s where we begin to look ahead. You’ve released what you no longer need, now let’s consciously invite in what you DO need.  Now your downstream begins!

In this module you will:​

  • Learn about what true alignment is, and why most people are walking around slightly (or largely) out of whack
  • Learn to see the one major thing that’s been missing in your journey to flow, and finally call it in
  • Discover the fundamental differences between living life in and out of flow
  • Learn the key principles of Flow, and how to easily bring them into your life
  • Understand the ONE thing you must focus on to invite and keep alignment and flow in your life, and get simple tips to actually DO it
  • Discover your deep ‘Why’ that drives all you do and are
  • Create  your Personal Alignment Map & get clarity on where you’ve been out of alignment, and what needs to change to bring you in

Coursework and Add-ons for this Section:

Your Alignment Map - Building the Solid Trunk of Your Tree

Bonus!  Flow Cheatsheet - 3 Questions to Ask to Be Sure I'm Swimming Downstream


Module 5:  Aligned, Inspired Action!

Living In, and Acting From Your Next Level

It’s one thing to clear the resistances to your next level, it’s another thing to actually ACT from this new place. This module is all about helping you ground in your new level, and supporting you to act from your new, cleared, empowered story. Continue to do this work consciously and there is literally no stopping your magnificence!

In this module you will:​

  • Understand the magic ingredient which will bind your new story in place
  • Get clear on what your soul wants to focus on now
  • Map out a solid, aligned plan of action and understand which step(s) you need to take first
  • Get support and encouragement to take these steps
  • Learn the secret of why so many people get stuck in this phase and how to make this a non-issue for you
  • Discover what this work has really been about for you, and why it’s so important to ground it with action

Coursework & Add-ons for this Section:

Grounding the roots of your tree; taking aligned action for spiritually-motivated beings

*Your Supported Integration & Action weeks will fall after Module 3, and after module 5, and will include:
Worksheets, assignments & discussion (via FB) to fully assist your embodying the work of the Resistance Roadmap.

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Curious Who's Teaching? 

I’m Stacie Whitney,

Soul Expansion Strategist on a Mission.

I’m here to help you tap into your inner knowing, and translate that into personal freedom.

I’ve been through the wringer and come out the other end, in my journey as a woman and mother.

You name it. I’ve:

  • gone from envisioning a hippy-earthy water birth, to the realities of emergency C-sections, postnatal depression, and months (and MONTHS) of having my baby in intensive care, complete with endless drugs and operations and life support and SURRENDER that goes along with that.
  • moved across continents, been homeless and broke and felt completely misunderstood and unsupported.
  • struggled with anxiety and panic attacks, and deep despair of not knowing my place in the world. been flying high, and I’ve spiraled down..

..way down, into the gutters, where I ran headfirst into my Resistance.  And from this point, my life changed radically. 

I discovered a way to work with my resistance.  To make it my ally.  And I learned to tell myself a new story.  One that actually WORKS for me.

In this process, I found my life purpose.  And I also found flow.  And out of this, was born The Resistance Roadmap.

I'd love to share with you these gems.  To help you turn your life around and learn to live downstream, too. 
This Ecourse is the culmination of all my work up to this point, and I'm pouring my heart and soul into creating a sacred, transformational space for you to shift your story and welcome flow into your own life.

Christine S, San Diego, CA

"Never felt so familiar and understood - it's like coming home.  Please keep on doing what you do - or better; being what you are!  I really appreciate your work and follow you in any way I can.  It's like you give voice to a part of me that's always been there but never knew how to speak.  I'm coming alive and opportunities are popping up from seemingly nowhere.  I now understand they were always there but I didn't know where to look - or more, how to SEE them.  Thank you doesn't feel big enough somehow, but Thank You."

Abbi Westwood, MA, USA

"A big thank you for the work that you do and making it so accessible to those of us that are physically far from you. You were great at responding and interacting as much as I asked of you, and I always want more interaction with positive, powerful people in my life. This course allowed me to take a closer look at my difficulty and where my blocks are.  I'm [now] able to recognize when I need to be gentler with myself and give myself time or space.  You do powerful work and I think that many people I know would benefit from it."


This roadmap works.  It is profound and lifechanging.  I so strongly believe in the power of this work, that if, for any reason you are unsatisfied with your course, you may request a refund within 14 days.  On receipt of your request, I will ask that you send me your completed worksheets, which must be presented before your refund is granted. 


  • When does the course begin?  I'll be traveling and may not be home for some of it.
  • I'm not very 'techie', will i be able to do this course?
  • How long do I have to complete the course?
  • will I be able to ask you questions, or do you offer additional coaching?
  • why have you priced the course so low/high?
  • Do you really offer a 100% money back guarantee?
  • Do you offer any other courses?

The course will begin on Tuesday, January 19th, to welcome in the New Year.  2016 is about walking your talk, and this group will be supporting each other to create big, positive changes together.  We will be focusing on what REALLY wants to Flow in your life, and using the Resistance Roadmap as a map & compass to get you pointed in this direction and clearly on your path of Flow.
The course setup is designed to accommodate you and your unique schedule.  New content is released every week, and you can download it and listen/do the Worksheets right away, or you can decide what pace is right for you. 
I decided to design the course with time-flexibility because as a working mother, I know the challenges of fitting in to someone else's time structure. 

My intention is to give you the best of both worlds - the course is paced so you don't get overloaded with too much content at once (and can allow each new stage to settle), but it's also there for you to dive into whenever it best suits you, and once you download the material, it's yours for life.  There will be continued discussion, guidance and feedback on the FB group, and you are encouraged to contribute here regardless of what stage you are on.  Everyone carries wisdom and each member of the group is a teacher, too.

I do recommend setting a time aside each week (yes, put it in your schedule!) to listen and do the worksheets. 
And traveling can be a great time to listen and do the exercises, as it's a perfect template for practicing flow.

How much time do I need to set aside each week?
This is up to you, but I'd recommend at least an hour to an hour and a half each week to listen to the recordings, plus a minimum of an hour to do the Worksheets, bonuses and engage with the Facebook group.  The more you put in to this, the more you'll get out.  A total of 2.5 - 4 hours (for the 5 weeks of the course) a week is usually plenty.

Do you have any questions that weren't addressed here? Contact me here and I'm happy to answer.​

Remember, you get all of this:

  • 5+ teaching videos (over 300 minutes of teaching) of brand new material
  • 5+ downloadable mp3 audio recordings of video content, so you can listen anywhere
  • 2 Supported Integration & Action Weeks, to assist you in fully embodying the work
  • Weekly printable worksheets for personal integration
  • Access to a private Facebook group for support from a powerful collective of conscious women (and direct connection with Stacie)
  • Printable Resistance Roadmap cheatsheet – to help you instantly recognize and move through your personal patterns of resistance
  • Weekly Exercises & Extras (to give you that A-level holding, insight & support)

Lynne Wilson,

Stacie specializes in getting you in touch with yourself. The work is really about breaking through the barriers we can put up between us and our inherent goodness and self knowledge..
..The one thing that is really big for me since taking the course is how much more gentle I've become with myself. I've been beating myself up FAR less than before. This has been a huge takeaway for me...Thank you.