There’s ONE Thing Standing in Between You and Your Dreams (Time to have a Little Chat with It)

You know how they say you teach what you most need to learn?  Well, let’s just say I’m an EXPERT in Resistance.

In fact, I’ve experienced SO much resistance in my life, that this morning, I decided to have a conversation with it

Yes, with my resistance.  As an entity.

First I gave it a name.  Yep, my resistance is called Hermione. 
Not because of Harry Potter. 
Because that’s what she wanted to be called.

And here’s what she told me (to be honest, it had a fair amount to say.  But I’m just going to give you the nuggets):

“{I appear when I do} to protect you.  To keep you safe.  But mostly I pop up when you stand to grow and expand beyond me.  Because I don’t know what lies beyond and it’s safer to stay here.

My response?

“Wow, thank you.  You’ve been busy!”

Have you ever done this?  Had a conversation with whatever it is that’s holding you back from doing what you most want/know you need/desire?

It’s incredibly informative. 
And working WITH your resistance in this way is the first step in moving into your next level.

If you’re into these kind of (slightly woo & highly powerful) exercises, you’ll love the recording of my teleclass Your Resistance is a Signpost!

If you haven’t had a chance to listen yet, you can watch this short video & I’ll send you the recording and listen wherever you are (it’s free).

Here’s a few words of feedback I’ve had already about it:

  • “Powerful stuff”
  • “Soothing”
  • “Really making me think and see my blocks in a whole new light”
  • “I feel like there’s so much more I can work with now”
  • “Oh thank god”
  • “I was holding more in there than I thought!”

So if you’re resisting anything (including listening to the recording!), maybe it’s time to have a little chat with your resistance, and ask it if it’s really helping you.

If not, get it here and begin to shift into FLOW..


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