Want to Swim Against the Stream? You Need This First..

I live at a workshop center.  A center for spiritual education.  For life transformation. 

And most of the time, I tune it all out.

It’s a bit edgy to say this.  I mean, Findhorn is a place of magic.  I know more than a few people (myself included) who have left here, declaring “I’m going to go off into the world and find a place similar to Findhorn, but in a better climate.
And 3 months, or a year, or 5 years later, they were back, declaring “It’s a crazy world out there.  And this place just makes sense.”

Or a version of the above.

So it may seem strange that there’s all this world transformation going on literally underneath my finger, and I don’t partake in much of it.

I mean, I meet amazing people from all over the globe, on a daily basis, but I almost never attend workshops myself.  Partially because I have children and a business.  And partially because often just living IN the buzz and vibration of this place is stimulation enough for me.

Well, folks..
I’m doing a workshop this weekend. 

Why?  Because some part of me recognized what the gorgeous Kate Shela (who’s leading my workshop, Shapeshifters, which is kind of where shamanic transmutation meets 5 Rhythms dance) said last night:

“Sometimes you gotta swim against the stream.  Like the magnificent salmon.”

But the other part of me – the one who actually SIGNED UP for the workshop – recognized that

You can’t swim against the stream until you find the stream.  Once you’re IN the stream, THEN you can choose whichever freaking way you like to swim in it.

Many of us live our lives out of the box, swimming against the stream.  But it’s not OUR stream we’re swimming against.

I spent many MANY years dancing to a different drummer, but I realized recently that it wasn’t MY drummer.  It was a drummer full of ‘shoulds’.

Lately, I’ve been finding my way towards my stream – my true stream – the one my soul sings of when I take time to listen.  But I’ve held back from dipping my toe in.

This workshop is me, saying I’m ready to dive into my stream, and flow.  I’m ready to begin living my life.

To stop waiting for the perfect place or home or weight or weather.

Why do we put ourselves on hold while waiting for the planets to align?

Can’t we see that they already ARE aligned?

We just won’t feel it until we begin to act as if they are.

And there’s a part of me deep down and way back that has sensed this all along.  This is the part from which my ecourse sprouted, years ago.  This is the part of me that knew that The School for the Awakening Woman (link coming soon!) needed to exist in the world.

I just didn’t know what it was called back then.  Or what it would look like.

I also didn’t see how to proceed.

You see, without action, there can’t be clarity.

Now I’m beginning to act, and the path literally unfolds before me.

Trust, allow, act, clarity of purpose.

This is what I have come to know as the Sacred Art of Flow.

Not surprisingly, when we allow Flow into our lives, we begin to find our downstream.

And from there, you can swim whichever way you like.


I’d love to hear from you.  Let me know in the comments how you find your stream!

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