Wild Conscious Energy Sessions

What is a Wild Conscious Energy Session?

You and Me.  Divine Nature.  Sacred Guidance.

In your Wild Conscious Energy Session, we connect with the unique energies and information which emanate from Mother Earth herself.  These Earth Energies affect all living beings on all levels, and are unique because the Earth is a physical body, they therefore Freedomcarry within them the code for spiritual living within the physical world.

When you tap into this field (part of the greater cosmic field, but one that reflects the Earth and all that relates to or lives within/on it) then you will have all the answers you need to survive, thrive, serve, heal and rejoice in your physical world and incarnation.”

So in your Wild Conscious Energy Session with me, you set an intention or question, and we both tap into this field.  I then connect to your guides and my own, to get a personal reading for you, to help you overcome whatever you current challenges are.  My aim in these sessions is to translate whatever information is available for you to heal, serve and thrive in your life.

A reading will always include guidance, information, insights, and action steps.  Sometimes there will be spontaneous healings, instructions or teachings that come through as well.

Stacie specializes in getting you in touch with yourself.  The work is really about breaking through the barriers we can put up between us and our inherent goodness and self knowledge.
-Lynne Wilson, www.lynne-wilson.com

What will a WCE session do for me?

People want WCE sessions for different reasons, but it’s most often because they want insight and/or healing for some block, resistance, or unhealthy pattern, and aren’t able to see what it is for themselves. In asking for clarity from a different place, in a different way, the answers that come can often have


Tapping into Wild Conscious Energy in the autumn Scottish light

profound results in shifting a client’s thoughts, beliefs, or way of looking at things

A reading can often cut to the core truth, and therefore speed up healing and growth.


Wild Conscious Energy sessions are my personal method of accessing divine wisdom, and they’re at the core of all the work I do in the world.

Are these sessions for healing?

This work creates a container for your own healing, and for a new kind of healing to emerge in you, and the world.*  I help you find your path to healing by locating your blocks, and offering guidance and assistance to remove, or move through them.  You’re more likely to find yourself laying on the Earth, than a massage table, in one of my sessions.  This work requires that you’re ready and willing to be involved, and engaged in your own process.

*I am not a doctor and I do not claim to be able to miraculously create healing in my clients.  Entering into this work with me involves taking responsibility for your own process – we are looking for answers within.  If you have any medical concerns, please see your doctor.

Do you do single sessions?  What does it involve?

Yes, I offer individual readings, group readings, and 6 month mentoring containers.  If you’re wondering where is the best place to start, I suggest booking an individual session with me, so you can get a feel for how I work, how we work together, and whether you are ready to take this deeper.  I purposely keep these sessions at half price ($149) in order to make them more accessible.

A session involves:

  •  1 x 30 minute pre-session chat (live or via phone or Skype)
  • the session itself, in which you’ll need to be in nature*, and lasts between 1-2 hours
  • 1 x 30 minute post-session follow-up (live or via phone or Skype)
  • You’ll receive a write-up from me after your session which will include any guidance, insights, information, etc that came, as well as suggested action steps.  The cost of an individual session is $149.  Book yours here.

*An important component of your session is you spending time in nature during it (this can be with me locally, or on your own wherever you are in the world).  This helps to:

1) Clear your energy field.
2) Make space in your life for this new energy, and whatever it wants/needs to bring to you.
3) Create your own personal container for healing.

A reading with no action is like a corkboard with no pins – there’s loads of great info, but none of it’s likely to stick.   Therefore if you’re not willing to commit to being in nature and writing during or after your reading, or follow through on the action steps, then this work is probably not for you.  Healing and growth need insight, yes, but they also need action!

One session can be a powerful vehicle for shift in your life.  A mentoring container will help you shift, breathe, then shift again, over a bi-seasonal cycle.  Both are beautiful.  If you know you need the extra accountability, follow-through, and MORE shift, then Wild Conscious Energy Mentoring could be perfect for you.

Not sure if this work is what you need?  Contact me here for a complimentary chat to see if a Wild Conscious Energy Session or Mentoring is right for you.  I work intuitively, so I promise I’ll be 100% honest – if I don’t believe I can help you, I’ll tell you straight up.
But if it feels right to us both, get ready for your life to SHIFT!

I see you do group sessions – How does this work?

A group session is when I tune into the energy of a group field, and use this collective wisdom in our reading.  Sometimes people worry that a group session won’t cover or address their personal issue, but I find that they’re often even more powerful than individual readings.  Why?  Because the power of the collective is exponentially greater than that of the individual.  All the extra experience, energy and wisdom comes into play in a group session.  These often surprise me, still, with the information and insight that comes through!

Group readings are for 2 or more individuals, so are perfect for relationships, work colleagues & teams, educational groups, coaching groups, and any other group, family or team-based questions you may have.  All members of the group will need to be in nature at the same time, either together in one space, or separately, and will need to do some writing.

Afterwards, you will have some guided questions to discuss in your group before we come together (live or online) to process and integrate.

Group sessions are ideal for increasing connection, intuitive abilities of a couple or group, helping overcome stuck patterns, and much more.

Contact me here for a complimentary chat to discover if a group session can help you.

What makes Wild Conscious Energy sessions so special and unique?

Humans are made up of both form, and formless, just like the universe.  We are physical beings, living in a physical world, but we have souls, are made up of consciousness, and are connected to the non-physical through an intricate matrix of energy.

The energy of the Earth, by its very nature, is the combination of this formless knowledge, wisdom, information and healing, channeled through the physical (this incredible planet, and on to humans).

Channeling and accessing pure energy in this way instantly opens up both your root and your crown chakras – your ‘top and bottom’ – which immediately allows energy to better flow through your body.

But the true beauty of this work is that it empowers you to reconnect with your own divine wisdom, and create your own blueprint for life, for healing, for growth.

My role is not to ‘heal’ you, but to be your guide and conduit to help you help yourself.

How did you get into this work?

Nature Helps Me to Connect (so I can help YOU connect!)

Nature Helps Me to Connect (so I can help YOU connect!)

I started off doing intuitive readings, and one day, during an intuitive reading for myself (!) was told to offer ‘Mother Earth Energy sessions.’  My varied backgrounds of Earth studies, environmental psychology, holistic, energetic & shamanic healing, and nutrition and life coaching, seemed to come together naturally to offer these sessions.  As I said above, action is a crucial part of this work, so I began offering these sessions before I fully understood what I was offering!

Since the first few sessions, it has evolved, along with my Wild Conscious Dreaming work, to reflect more of my own true nature, which includes laughter, wildness, and more layers and depth than a normal intuitive reading.

Entering into this work is giving permission to yourself to sense and experience the unspoken layers that make you YOU.

In fact, the beauty of this work is that it combines the intuitive, the energetic, and the personal flair & experience of whomever is in a session.  So I imagine my limited mind will never fully comprehend the extent and power of this work!

*Interested in learning this technique, and combining it with your personal work to offer a sacred container for transformation and growth?  A facilitator training course is on my list.  Sign up to my newsletter to be notified of details.*

How can I get a Wild Conscious Energy Session with you?

If you know you want a session, simply sign up here.

If you have any questions regarding the readings, how they may help you, or what’s the best fit for you, shoot me a quick note here – I love to hear from you.

“I’m crying.  I mean tears are streaming as I write this because you somehow knew what I needed to hear more than I did.  I’m blown away.  And I can’t understand how I didn’t see it before.  I know what I need to do now.  Thank you thank you for your incredible gift!”
– Kimberley Sofer, Indiana, USA